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5 Ways Content Marketing Can Benefit Black-Owned Businesses

Angela H. Byrd

[dropcap]C[/dropcap]ontent marketing is not just a fad. It’s a solid marketing strategy that has brought success to black businesses of all sizes. When black-owned businesses do content marketing correctly, they can expect to benefit for a long, long time. So, here are the top 5 ways content marketing can help […]

Utilizing Content Marketing Will Benefit Black-Owned Businesses

Why Utilizing Content Marketing Will Benefit Black-Owned Businesses

Angela H. Byrd

[dropcap]P[/dropcap]romoting your black owned business online in today’s short attention span theater isn’t easy. Even those companies that occupy the niche market space face stiff competition. Merely advertising or sending out promotional emails no longer cut it. For your business to stand out from the crowd, an effective content marketing […]

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Four Reasons Why Blogging Is Important For Your Business

Louis Byrd III

Why is blogging a good strategy? Regardless if you are a small business or a national company, blogging is integral to your online marketing strategy. A blog enables you to build trust by being a source of information and provide another source to deepen the connection with your customer. Blogs […]


5 Powerful Reasons To Use Video To Get More Customers

Louis Byrd III

According to a report from HubSpot Research, more than 50% of consumers want to see videos from brands … more than any other type of content. Video is useful for more than entertainment, too. Video on landing pages is capable of increasing conversion rates by over 80%, and the mere […]

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