Being in business FOR yourself can be very fulfilling.  But, it can also be very challenging and often times very lonely.  However, you don’t have to be in business BY yourself!

Savvy entrepreneurs know that they need support, connection and community in order to succeed in business.   Our membership site, the Cachet Business Network partners with black business owners nationwide to provide this essential support and valuable resources.

CBN’s mission is to help business owners promote and grow their businesses.  So we offer five (5) kinds of  supports to help business owners grow their customer base and revenues:

1) Courses  –
that teach black entrepreneurs how to market and promote their business. You need to know how to market and create a marketing plan for your business.  Stop winging it and hoping that your business will grow.

2) Coaching – help and tutoring on how to use media platforms, software and marketing campaigns. There is so many tools out there to choice from, it can be very confusing and overwhelming to decide which ones are best for you.  We will guide you and provide advice and assistance.

3) Community – A network of black business owners & entrepreneurs across the nation representing different industries and professions to connect with and conduct business. 

4)  ContentResources, information and articles you can share and use on your website and social media posts to help you grow traffic to your website.

5)  Commerce –  Exclusive Cachet marketing opportunities and promotions to help you reach and sell to more customers.

The Cachet brand started as a single magazine publication in the Chicago market.  We cover the good news of African American communities and target affluent African American/Black consumers.  Today, the brand consists of multimedia platforms (print, online, social media and events) providing quality content to African American/Black consumers.

We recognized that many black small business owners wanted to promote their businesses to the lucrative black consumer market, but lacked the knowledge and/or resources to create effective marketing, advertising, and promotional materials and campaigns to reach this audience.

Our membership website, serves as a training center, networking hub and supportive community for black business owners and entrepreneurs. will launch on October 2, 2019.  However we are offering a pre-launch special at 40% off until launch day.  To take advantage of the pre-launch special price, sign up NOW.

Join CBN during the pre-launch period and enjoy all the full benefits of membership now: training, courses, tutorials, networking and marketing opportunities at a great discount.

Join our email list and receive a free brand marketing planner, Your Brand, Your Story or sign-up for list to receive updates on future events and programs:  Click here.


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